Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vacation planning, cord cutting and hard drive fun

With the beginning of April we're less than a month now from taking the kids to Disney for their first trip and we've started the planning. Finding the overnight drive hotels came together easy enough and I'll book those soon enough. Florence SC on the way down, Emporia VA on the way home.  The basic criteria being a room right around $100-$125 per night, an indoor pool and free breakfast.

I figure after being cooped up in the car for hours that pool will be absolutely necessary to give the kids a chance to unwind and burn off energy. The hot tub will be good for us.  Free breakfast gets us back on the road and removes a complication.

The hours in the car really concern me, so yesterday I bought this little guy:

I figure if this works the way i think it does, I'll load up a Micro SD card or two with kids shows/movies and they can watch what they want on their tablets via streaming wi-fi in the car.  Internet not required! :)  That, a reem of paper and crayons and their tablet games and we should hopefully be good.

So cord cutting... it's on hold, I just don't think the reality of our family viewing situation will support it right now. But I'm also encouraged by some reading and research I've been doing and just general over knowledge gleaning from friends on Facebook.  To wit: Playstation Vue and Sling TV.

My feeling is that in some way Tivo will either adopt one of these as a partner or will come out with their own comparable service. In the world of DVR its almost taken as far as it can go, but with a high speed internet connection there is no reason that the Tivo couldn't just pull in it's own programming, ala cable, via the internet like those two options I just mentioned.  So I think I'm going to wait and see a bit.  Vue should really push this along.  They even have B1G Network and YES. Comcast has to be shitting themselves and I hope they are.

Finally, with the harddrive. I got this cool sucker that let's me plug in a SATA drive like an external USB.

Works like a champ except the transfer rate is soooooooooo slow. I never saw something like that before with a hard drive, and its definitely the old drive, not the new toy so I've just been letting it do its thing for days now and it's slowly copying over many GB of data to my new hard drive and my rebuilt, working like a super champ, new Windows 10 installation.  I also found some back-ups on another external drive that give me much relief so almost nothing on that external drive I'm really very concerned about losing now.  I guess I wasn't as clueless as I thought with backing up. That said, I added the really important stuff to my dropbox account so it'll now live forever!