Monday, March 28, 2016

Sometimes, you just gotta deal

Yesterday I had this grand plan that I would wake up, get the house entertainment reorganized and rewired so when the HDTV antenna showed up I'd be ready to hook it up and give it a shot but sometimes stuff happens.  For me, it was a hard drive failing in my main PC which is a real problem since its my media server.

Took me most of the morning to figure out it was the hard drive, I had thought it was the beta Windows 10 Pro insider OS I was running, it's not like I've never had a hard drive fail before and that is usually a catastrophic failure. Makes a loud screechy noise, or a click-click-click noise.  This one... its like it was tired and sometimes would boot to the operating system and sometimes not.

So eventually, after repeated attempts to restore the OS failing to complete, I broke open the case and yanked the drive out with the intention of trying a replacement but all my extra hard drives from past PCs were the older SCSI hard drives and I needed a SATA for this machine.  Damn, nothing easy.

Then I recalled that I had this TB extra Tivo expansion hard drive that is incompatible with my new Tivo and just collecting dust.  I broke that baby open and bingo, just the hard drive type I needed.

So next step... complete reinstall of Windows 10, with no more experimental software either, but when I downloaded Windows 10 I realized I didn't have a valid key and no way I was paying for a new one.  Back to my pile of software, found an old copy of Windows 7 with a key, popped that on the drive, reinstalled the network adapter driver, got the PC on the internet and within moments there was Microsoft prompting me to upgrade to Windows 10.  Ha! Victory.

So in a way I came out ahead here because the new drive is much quieter and energy efficient than the old drive, cleaner since the old drive went through multiple OS upgrades over time which junked it up and everything I needed in the short run installed on it without any issues once I got past a few driver issues and now my media center is basically being reestablished and I'll spend the next couple days slowly reinstalling software on it as needed.

I'm thankful the old drive didn't outright die as I do have some unbacked up media on it that I want to try to recover.  For $20 off amazon I got an external usb case I can just plug that into and hopefully can recover it. Find that out some time tomorrow.

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