Monday, February 22, 2010

Doing our part for the economy

In many respects, Sue and I have been as lucky and fortunate as two people can be during these recessionary times.  We've bought a house, had a kid, bought the things we've needed and generally have plugged along like normal pre-Wall Street/Housing/Bank meltdowns.  Which is good for us. :)

Yesterday we needed to get out of the house though and the weather was pretty nice for a February day and off we headed to Jackson Outlets with ZW and met my sister there. Sue and her braved the crazy hordes standing on line at the Coach outlet.  I had gotten Sue a Coach gift certificate through AMEX membership rewards she wanted to spend but unfortunately they can only be used at a full price store.  So after all that waiting, that sucked but she still got herself something nice for a good price and she can use her GC another time.

After that we hit the Disney outlet and we had about $10 on a GC for there as well which we spent on a t-shirt for me (Donald Duck!), a coffee mug, a new sleeper for ZW and also some Disney kids plastic bowl and dish.  So we got a lot and maybe spent $17 of our own $.  Good deal!

Then it was down to Gymboree where Sue and my sis bought Z some more clothes, no idea what they spent but it was good deals to them so I guess that's all that matters. 

Making our way around the Outlets, we stopped at both Harry and David and le Gourmet Chef where we did some snack samples grazing, had a nasty cup of berry flavored coffee from H&D, but did buy a jar of Buffalo Ranch dip @ Le Chef to try later.  Like another $5.  Mmmm, Buffalo and Ranch! Can't wait to try it!

He also hit the Corningware place and got a tremendous deal on Pyrex casserole dishes.  Sue likes to make a mess of Shepherd's pies all at once and we needed these so for 3 dishes it was buy 2 get 1 free and we spend like another $14.

We finished the day at Target buying, on sale and with some Capital One rewards card points, a tableand end table for our downstairs TV room.  Like a $180 expense we spend roughly $100 of our own cash on.  NICE!

So materialism is alive and well in this economy.  No one can blame us for not doing our Patriotic duty! :)