Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Solar Sonic Super Chlorinated Out of Control

This Memorial Day weekend was a homeowners project weekend bonanza. After I painted our bedroom on Saturday, and it came out great, on Sunday I tackled another project of mine which was to hook up this solar heater I bought so that the pool that I spend so much time, money and effort maintaining actually gets some use. So here's what it all looks like.

The device is called a SunHeater solar heater. I got this puppy from Walmart for around $185 with free shipping to store and then I also bought the mounting kit for another $25 from another website, whose name I forget, but they were cheaper by like $15 vs any other place I saw it online.

Anyway, I have this privacy fence on our lower pool deck and decided, since its 22 feet long and this sucker is 20 feet long, that this was the perfect spot to put this thing because otherwise its laying on the deck or one the grass killing it.

After drilling pilot holes and driving in all the screws that hold the brackets, I was about to begin manhandling this thing into place when luckily my Mom and Dad showed up and my dad helped me immeasurably in getting this thing on the wall. The brackets, in some cases had to be moved and he helped me lay the whole thing out. It was an unfortunate thing in that we had to figure out the whole thing from the pictures they sent because the directions enclosed were mostly in French.

Long story short we finally got this thing mounted and now it just needs sunny days with the pump running to drive the water through it to heat it. We'll see how that goes.

The other item I added to the pool this weekend was a chlorinator which I got at BranchBrook in brick. It was $25 and maybe another $10 for hose clamps and a couple threaded pool hose fittings. The floating Chlorinator was getting it done so hopefully this does as I don't like all the zeroes showing up when I test the water.


Dan McDevitt said...

Oh, man, I was going to tell you - there's a much easier (and cheaper) way to keep the pool chlorinated.

Step 1: add stabilizer

Step 2: put the slow-dissolving chlorine blocks in the skimmer basket. As the water passes out of the pool and into the filter the chlorine is added.

My pool gets like 10 hours of direct sun a day so I could never keep it chlorinated until the guy at the local store told me this trick.

FatCatSPK said...

Ah, adding stabilizer is new to me. I don't know what that is. As for the tablets in the skimmer, I just choose not to do it that way as those tablets being so powerful, I just think will eat away at the basket and your whole skimmer eventually because they break down the plastic. The chlorinator was so cheap and it saves those other items plus maybe it being before the DE filter, it might effect that. I dunno.

I'll look into the stabilizer tho since I'm still getting a zero in the free chlorine reading.

Dan McDevitt said...

stabilizer prevents the sunlight from burning the chlorine out of your pool. Any place that sells pool chemicals will have it. Doesn't take much either, and it never leaves the water, so you only have to do it once.