Monday, May 18, 2009

A Bottom in Sight!

This moring I woke up and in the early morning light, stepped on to my deck and looked down on the pool after it had been filter the entire night. Much to my delight, I could make out the faint traces of the pile of leaves on the bottom that had slipped into the pool when I removed the cover.

It may not be apparent in the picture but if you look close, you can see areas that are dark smudges. Avast! Those be leaves, matey! Yaar, indeed, those be leaves!

My hope is that since the filter will run until about 2 pm and the sun is out a little more today than it was yesterday, the combination, with all the chlorine I loaded up the water with, will result in even more clearness. Either way, I be takin the vacuum to it tonight, me hearties!

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