Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Battle of the Green Pool

When last we left this saga, it was October and I was converting the pool from baquacil to chlorine. With maybe just a day or two to spare, I got the conversion done and got the cover on the pool before every leaf on every tree anywhere near my yard fell all at once with amazing speed.

Fast forward to yesterday and I decided with the nice weather and plenty of unexplainable motivation, it was time to see what I had under the pool cover awaiting me. Now I would have hoped, under normal circumstances, to have expected to see a nice fairly workable pool but I knew that probably wasn't going to be the case due to the branch, the diameter of a quarter, that had pierced my brand new cover less than a month after it had been put on after this crazy wind storm back in November. The hole was right where the water for the cold months collected so I figured all sorts of decaying trees and stuff and that nasty water had infiltrated.

It had. It was green.

Hurrying off to my shed, I returned armed with chemicals. Chlorine Tablets. Trichlor Shock. The blue stuff that you poor in to make your filter more efficient. I also broke out my cool new water tester. And trust me, its cool. 2 AA batteries and the power of water analysis without having to determine shades of color on some silly scale. Low alcalinity so added some soda ash. Top notch Danny! Top notch!

Two bags of shock and all the blue stuff I had left and today, the pool is pleasantly... beginning to turn blue.

Off to Leslie Pool for more shock, more blue stuff (clarifier I think its called), more soda ash just because I'm low and dropped the wanda pool vac in. Go wanda!

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