Monday, February 2, 2009

What's old is new again

So I'm blogging about nothing and since I haven't blogged in a long time, for anyone who cares to notice, it will much like business as usual.  All about nothing.
Since my blog is linked on and ostensibly any traffic I get probably originated from there, its probably pretty obvious that the old homappage is back and the Joomla experiment is over.  Now I liked Joomla but it wasn't what one would call mature software, it was like most open-source stuff, always in a certain state of broken and me not being a developer in the programming language sense, I couldn't fix it half the time because it was PHP.  So I worked around its limitations.  Well, what I noticed over time was that Joomla was also subject to SQL injections so it wasn't very secure and I'd have random ad code inserted into the HTML template for the site and who know what that really did.  It was damned uncomfortable to deal with so that was really the last straw as I was sick of dealing with its natural slowness and having to get on Live Chat with my host because CGI was erroring or whatever.  So it was fun but now what's old is new again and me thinks when I finally find some time, I'll completely throw out the current site and put something up a little newer and more modern looking as the current page looks dated to me.  It's mainly my start page anyway and a gateway to the messageboard and DKB is probably the only other person to notice anyway. ;)
Of course finding time is the key thing.  i have no time anymore but not because of bad things.  I love being a homeowner and I work on our home constantly now trying to pare down our expenses and modernize and find efficiencies.  Its very cool but takes energy and time which isn't always in great abundance.  Because time is tough to find certain things have lost their place with me.  Rutgers Basketball for one.  It doesn't help that the team just simply sucks so badly but its also a long ass ride from Brick by yourself, Jay is in Dallas now, Abhi isn't a regular and maybe i'm just moving on.  Most games are viewable in some fashion so I stay up with the team like that but I think this year was it for me as a season tix holder.  Going to games just isn't that much fun anymore.  Oh, and they suck as I mentioned before.  I guess I'd rather keep that Grand in my pocket now.
Life is also too busy with a baby on the way.  Sue has been doing great with her pregnancy and we find out boy/girl in less than 2 weeks so that's really exciting!  But time/money... I'll need more and more.  Sorry RU Hoops, something has to give.  Other things will give too so don't feel too singled out and maybe I'll be back someday.  And to be honst... I've also really rediscovered hockey which I've always loved but am so much more into this year, especially with the Devils kicking so much ass.
Ok, that's all the nothing for now.  Maybe I'll try to get this blog more regular.  Don't count on it.