Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Adrenaline Crash

Its Tuesday and I'm just dead emotionally with zero energy and zero motivation to do anything.  I can only suspect that my body is now telling me that, after days of running on basically Adrenaline, I have expended enough physical, emotional and nervous energy and it now wants me to take a break.  Silly body... there are no breaks, there are only more and more things you must do. 
On the To Do list:
1. Get the lawn mower we got as a gift out of the box and put together.  The grass needs a cutting.
2. Figure out what needs to be done with the pool to keep it all nice and clear and clean.  Bacquacil!
3. Get the garage organized
4. Get the lock changed.  No reason other than you just don't know so you do it.  Needs to be done.  Dammit.
5. Continue buying Compact Flourescent bulbs and making replacements.  Since we moved in two incandescents have already burned out.  Weird.
6. Tackle the TV room and get those boxes unpacked nad the shit organized.
7. Figure out furniture needs, prioritize and go get some stuff
8. Get some big item things from my parents house.
9. Figure out what to do with Sue's 5 winter clothes storage tubs (the girl likes her clothes.)
10. Figure out more storage for the kitchen
I should have stopped at 8 because usually that's enough (yuk, yuk, yuk) but the list is 10 big things.  And growing.