Monday, June 30, 2008

Moved In

Inevitably, whenever I move, which since college has been maybe every 3-4 years, I somehow always end up landing on what is arguably one of the hottest most humid days of the year, and for this move that trend carried through.  Since Wednesday night when I began packing up and loading out the van for what would be the first move after the closing, all the way until yesterday as i was huffing mattresses around the house, I would estimate I sweated out 10 gallons of fluid to be replaced by water and Gatorade in as nearly close matching quantities as I could.
Oddly, my appetite diminished greatly over the time period too and I was skipping (and not missing) meals.  Maybe it was adrenaline... I dunno.
So here I sit on Monday, at my desk, somehow alive not having suffered a heat stroke, but mentally dead, and beat overall.  I have to get some multivitamins in me, and get back on my regular schedule in that I also blew off a lot of sleep because I just had so much I wanted to get done. 
House is great tho and we were moved in enough to be sleeping there on Friday night.  Now, I look forward to finishing unpacking and getting life back to a comfortable level of settled normalcy.

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