Thursday, June 26, 2008

Closing Day

Woke up this morning and feel great, its finally the day and this arduous process of finding a home and buying a home comes to an end.  For reference, Sue and I began this trek in January of 2007, almost offered on a place in the Summer of 07 but decided to stop, wait and watch instead and now in the Spring of 08 if finally draws to an end.  A crazy long process for us representing all of the needs to save, be smart, watch the market, visit easily 200+ houses, and finally land the one we offered on.  To be sure, we almost offered on 2 others but did not for various reasons. 

Anyway, Closing Day eve was the hardest day of the process.  Racked with anxiety yesterday waiting for the lawyers to call with the final number we have to bring to closing which was at 3:00.  Rushed straightaway over to the bank to discover that lobby hours ended at 3:00.  Had to get a bank check at the drive through and that was entirely strange but successful.  So we're ready.  Walk through at 10:30, closing at Noon, house for years.

Last night loaded up my FIL's van with perhaps 30+ boxes representing about 85% of our belongings here in Wall.  Over the next 3 days we'll get it all over there and hopefully be fully up and in by Saturday night.

DKB said:
I totally agree and I hated that.

Good luck with your closing. This weekend marked one year as homeowners for us. It's been a good year in the house.

Thanks man.  You and I sort of shared this odyssey so we did it.  Here's to us!  Car Bomb toast on Labor Day :)

Frank said:
Well, I would not say that all Realtors are solely after the commission, but they are hired to protect their client's interest. I am glad that you had a good experience with your inspector, which is my profession. Good luck with your closing.

Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't well represented my Realtor.  We very much were and he worked incredibly hard on our behalf earned his commission and then some.  That is a profession that has to be one of the worst having observed if for a year and half and one I could never do.  Mostly my sentiment was aimed at the fear they all have of the deal falling through thus they bring that fear to us and that is the sucky part.  Thanks for the well wishes.  Are you a regular reader of the GT?  I see from your website you are in Houston.

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