Monday, June 30, 2008

Moved In

Inevitably, whenever I move, which since college has been maybe every 3-4 years, I somehow always end up landing on what is arguably one of the hottest most humid days of the year, and for this move that trend carried through.  Since Wednesday night when I began packing up and loading out the van for what would be the first move after the closing, all the way until yesterday as i was huffing mattresses around the house, I would estimate I sweated out 10 gallons of fluid to be replaced by water and Gatorade in as nearly close matching quantities as I could.
Oddly, my appetite diminished greatly over the time period too and I was skipping (and not missing) meals.  Maybe it was adrenaline... I dunno.
So here I sit on Monday, at my desk, somehow alive not having suffered a heat stroke, but mentally dead, and beat overall.  I have to get some multivitamins in me, and get back on my regular schedule in that I also blew off a lot of sleep because I just had so much I wanted to get done. 
House is great tho and we were moved in enough to be sleeping there on Friday night.  Now, I look forward to finishing unpacking and getting life back to a comfortable level of settled normalcy.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's official, we're homeowners.

Closing Day

Woke up this morning and feel great, its finally the day and this arduous process of finding a home and buying a home comes to an end.  For reference, Sue and I began this trek in January of 2007, almost offered on a place in the Summer of 07 but decided to stop, wait and watch instead and now in the Spring of 08 if finally draws to an end.  A crazy long process for us representing all of the needs to save, be smart, watch the market, visit easily 200+ houses, and finally land the one we offered on.  To be sure, we almost offered on 2 others but did not for various reasons. 

Anyway, Closing Day eve was the hardest day of the process.  Racked with anxiety yesterday waiting for the lawyers to call with the final number we have to bring to closing which was at 3:00.  Rushed straightaway over to the bank to discover that lobby hours ended at 3:00.  Had to get a bank check at the drive through and that was entirely strange but successful.  So we're ready.  Walk through at 10:30, closing at Noon, house for years.

Last night loaded up my FIL's van with perhaps 30+ boxes representing about 85% of our belongings here in Wall.  Over the next 3 days we'll get it all over there and hopefully be fully up and in by Saturday night.

DKB said:
I totally agree and I hated that.

Good luck with your closing. This weekend marked one year as homeowners for us. It's been a good year in the house.

Thanks man.  You and I sort of shared this odyssey so we did it.  Here's to us!  Car Bomb toast on Labor Day :)

Frank said:
Well, I would not say that all Realtors are solely after the commission, but they are hired to protect their client's interest. I am glad that you had a good experience with your inspector, which is my profession. Good luck with your closing.

Yeah, I didn't mean to imply that I wasn't well represented my Realtor.  We very much were and he worked incredibly hard on our behalf earned his commission and then some.  That is a profession that has to be one of the worst having observed if for a year and half and one I could never do.  Mostly my sentiment was aimed at the fear they all have of the deal falling through thus they bring that fear to us and that is the sucky part.  Thanks for the well wishes.  Are you a regular reader of the GT?  I see from your website you are in Houston.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Home Stretch

Its Monday and we're now in the home stretch for closing on the house which takes place on Thursday.  And thank God for that!  Buying a home is perhaps the single strangest and most oddly conceived process invented by man.  (Yes, its worse than planning a wedding although as rackets for different folks to dip their hand in the till, they are comparable).  Our first offer on this house took place at the end of April and now, after many weeks of phone calls, negotiations, agita, research, budgeting, more agita, spending, arranging, scheduling and so on and so forth it finally draws to a conclusion.  Exhausting is the only word to describe this nebulous process.
I know when its done and life has settled back to its normalcy that, at least I, strive for, it'll have been 100% worth it but it still mentally abrades me, like sandpaper across my elbow would, that this is the process and that people actively participate in it and that in fact some people actually like it.  Here is my breakdown of folks who particiapte in this process and what the shifting feelings are towards them:
Me and Sue - We're the heroes of this equation, fighting for our future and all that is good and wholesome
Our Realtor - Helps us find the house, handles the initial negotiation, is full of drama, tries to make what should be an unemotional process as emotional as possible.
Our Lawyers - They rock. they take care of everything, they are unemotional, they represent us and overall have made the process smooth
Our Mortgage Banker - On the one hand our mortgage banker was great, on the other hand, they work hard to just get a mortgage written for their benefit.  Overall, they almost fall into the Others category below.
The Sellers - Its hard to peg the sellers but overall they invested a lot of love in the house, have fought to protect their interests as much as we fought to protect ours, have been nice and accomodating in many respects, and on the inspection the wife was super nice.  Hard to not respect them.
Their Realtor - I know my Realtor had a tough time dealing with her, but I almost think its the name of the game.  Honestly I don't know.  The one time I met her she was nice enough but obviously Realtors don't have our interests at heart, they say they do but really they want their commission.  Hey, she was good to look at tho. 
Their lawyers - Seemingly much like our lawyers, dependable, no nonsense.  Getting it to the lawyers and getting it out of the Realtors hands is job #1.
Home Inspector - Thanks to Matty, the home inspection was top notch.  My sisters used my Realtors guy and they regretted it because that guy was the Realtors animal and not theirs and his interest was in making sure nothing killed the deal.  Our guy, Dave Matthews, went and did a super thorough job.  Go Dave Matthews!  He mostly confirmed it was a good house and we had few repair issues to deal with.
Termite Inspector - Recommended by the inspector, Matt's Pest Control  was also top notch.  Being named matt made it an omen I think.