Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Swinging Pendulum

Life has been hard.  Buying a house is hard, work has been hard, dealing with friends and family health issues has been hard, living with in-laws is hard, etc. etc. etc.
Well, this week, it feels like the pendulum has now begun to swing in the other direction.  We completed our inspection yesterday and there is a lot of hard work left on the house but for the most part it seems as if the really really hard stuff is over, at work I got promoted and I'm now Director of Web Design and Development and that couldn't have come at a better time.  Matty's health seems good after talking with him about what he's going through and his current prognosis.  Sue's dad we're still worrying about because he is still slated for surgery ina few weeks so not great but not (hopefully) terrible.  The living with in-laws is almost at an end with us nearing, everyday, our closing date. :)  So all is really good right now and I press forward, stronger, happier and hopefully remain healthy

Friday, May 9, 2008

Waiting is the hardest part

There is that old song with the line that croons out... "Waaaaaaiting is the haaaaaardest part...."  I think its Tom Petty and I really hate Tom Petty and I hate waiting and after 5 days of Attorney Review, that's all  I continue to do: wait. 
I don't know how long it will ultimately go and I feel like I'm in a bit of a blackout in regards to all the status of whether I'm going to end up shelling out a shitload of money or not but on it trudges with a life of its own.   Eevryone seems to be making plans but me.  The lawyers do their thing.  The realtors theirs.  The mortgage people have their forms they need signed.  The sellers seemingly are making plans based on the daisy chain of info that reaches me through the realtors so it looks like an actually home purchase transaction will, in fact, occur but I'll be damned if I can understand what the actual hold up with the attorneys is.
So anyway, its Friday and I would heavily doubt any more movement will occur this week regarding the contract.  Its only 2:30 so maybe I shouldn't be so pessimistic but what the heck.  I guess I could call my lawyer and pester him but it will really serve no purpose.  The guy's been our family lawyer now for at least 2 decades, maybe more, and if he had anything to tell me, he's call so i think I'll just leave him be.  Me getting on the phone and looking for a status won't get this done faster.
Man, I'm tired.  Waiting is hard and draining.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life Update

Its been a long time since I blogged but I have my excuses, life has been crazy busy and I just haven't been in a writing mood.  Mainly its all about houses as Sue and I had put pedal to the metal and have been house hunting like mad. We've probably been in over 100 houses and probably evaluated 3x that many overall.  What a draing trip lasting a little over a year.

Last Monday, she and I put out an offer on a bi-level in Brick and now, after a surreal week of negotiations, we have a verbal deal in place, the owners were supposedly to sign the contract last evening, my realtor should get it today and off it goes to the lawyers for attorney review on Monday.  A lot can seemingly happen between now and clearing Attorney review, like I don't even know yet if the contract is signed, but we're guardedly happy and excited at this point but also know this can still fall apart.  You'd have to understand the negotiation to really appreciate why we're so reserved in our enthusiasm but I do have positive feelings that all of this will come to pass.  If it does I'll be overjoyed because its a really great house and one we couldn't have even taken a sniff of a year ago, the market has changed that much.

Obtaining a mortgage has been an adventure as well.  Financially Sue and I are solid with solid savings and credit history but like Tree mentioned, the downpayment requirements for a conventional have gone up.  Ocean County was recently designated a "depressed county" by the PMI companies so getting a mortgage with 5% down is out.  10% is now the minimum and while we could handle it, I didn't want to put down that much.  Sue and I switched from a conventional to a FHA since its our first home and are still putting the 5% down even tho we could have gone as low as 3%.  FHA can be troublesome to get approval on and putting down the 5% makes it that much more of a no-brainer on the approval so we opted to do that.  I have other reasons for putting down the 5% too, like simple saving that little bit more on the monthly payment. 

Anyway, today we should know about the contract so I'm hopeful.

I also hope we hear something about Matty who is also very much on our minds.  Hang in there buddy.

Cancer has reared its head within our family too.  Sue's dad has prostate cancer, diagnosed this week, and now he and my MIL have decisions to make regarding his treatment. My father had a scare back in December with his prostate but the biopsy came up benign but my mom, who is a retired RN, did a massive amount of research so our 2 families are now getting together to pass on this information so hopefully it will benefit my FIL.  Its been caught very early so his prognosis is good, its just a question of what treatment to pursue.

Professionally, life is good.  CFO magazine is coming out with an evaluation of 401(k) providers and did a special review of the web interfaces of my company, ExpertPlan, plus a few dozen of our competition.  Well, in the 2 areas they evaluated, Participant and Plan Sponsor access, we scored #2 overall in this review and its a major thing for me since this is basically an evaluation of our front-end interfaces which my group develops.  Go us!  Hopefully it means a promotion for me at some point. ;)