Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ask anyone who knows me well and they'll all agree that I'm not a TV watcher.  I like movies, I like sports, I like educational crap like what's on History or Discovery but not "Television" by which I mean recycled network garbage. 
But because I'm not totally closed minded, there are some things I watch:  Mad Men, 24, Entourage and Prison Break (although I'm not as interested in PB now) but the show that really has me hooked and is one of the truly coolest things on TV is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Last night was the season finale and it rocked and the imagery at the end of the 2nd hour was so powerful as to litterally make my stomach feel a bit upset as the FBI raid against the Terminator Cromartie failed.  The entire sequence was shot to the music of Johnny Cash and all you see of the carnage of the failed FBI raid is FBI agent after agent being tossed dead into a pool where the perspective is from looking up from the bottom.  All you hear in addition to the music was muffled blasts, yells and gun shots.  Really really powerful stuff.  Scary too.
Anyway, the season was great although too short but it ended perfectly.  I'm looking forward to season 2, hoping there is one.


Anonymous said...

Dark stuff that program. I dig it, but it is tough to curl up and sleep afterward 'cause I'm a bit amped from the action drama suspense and the bleak narration. It ain't Goode Times or Two and half men, but there is usually a funny line or two thrown in.

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