Monday, March 3, 2008

Of Joomla and Message Boards

Some time ago i did an installation of the Joomla Portal on my server and put a larky little site up called True Outlets New Jersey.  I wrote like 3 articles but then basically forgot about it.  Not terribly long ago I started getting a response here and there to some of the stuff I put up and I was like... wow, this thing is actually being visited.
So I checked the stats and with almost no work put in whatsoever, it has a few thousand visits.  So I'm like: Cool!
But being emailed by strangers... I don't like that and in my world that equates to Bad.  So I decided hey, time for a message board.  After a quick little tutorial on installing components, plug-ins, and mambots in Joomla, I serached out on google a joomla messageboard component and found this one called Fireboard. 
Sooooooo easy to install and set-up and the tech is very cool and I like the integration with the portal, blah, blah, blah.  I like it so much in fact that I'm beginning to question what I may need Yuku for in the future for the GreaseTruck.  Why not just put a Joomla installation up with a fireboard, and then run the Greasetruck in a completely self sufficient, self-contained manner.  Yuku restricts certain crap and that bugs me so i guess the True Outlets site is now going to be my beta to see if it's easy and workable and worth the effort to make a third change to the GT message board. 
I know if Norm is reading he may be interested in the Fireboard component since his own MB got trashed by virus and spam but for anyone else interested, if can be checked out here:

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