Tuesday, December 11, 2007

State of Fear

Other than the afterword, I just finished Michael Chricton's State of Fear at lunch today.  Talk about an eye opener of a book, it really blew away so many things that I just sort of took for granted, it helped me to feel good about some things that I had been truly skeptical of and all at the same time it was a rousing work of Fiction based on lots of solid science. 
Much of the premise of the book is centered upon debunking the notion of Global Warming and in its turn it does that and also takes on many establishment and institutional issues of crime, media, corporations, private charities and does a fair job of giving the reader some interesting things to consider about what information we get exposed to in our daily lives, why we get exposed to it, where it comes from and perhaps who benefits from the State of Fear that these forces can combine to create in a nation's population.
Now certainly this is dramticized since it's in a work of fiction but the book comes loaded down with citation after citation of the arguments, pro and con and its just a real facination, gripping action-filled Chricton novel.
I really enjoyed it.