Thursday, December 20, 2007

I wear my Yellow glasses at night

Back in 2000 I had LASIK to correct my incredibly bad near sightedness. For those familiar wit hthe lingo, to give you an idea of where I was at, in one eye I was a -.875 and in the other I was -.85 with an astigmatism. Well, after dry eyes did in my ability to wear contact lenses and after my glasses almost flew off my head on a rollercoaster at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, I made the decision and to this day it is still the best $5000 I ever spent on anything.

For the first year I had the halos every one talks about as my eyes healed and the damaged tissue was reabsorbed but I could see great and it's only gotten better ever since overall. The two things that LASIK compunded however were my dry eyes and my night vision and for years I've been struggling with that and eye drops only help so much with the dry eyes and hardly at all with the night vision.

So for the past month I was on a mission of discovery to find another solution. I asked myself, what do I know about my problems and what I realized was that during the Fall and Winter months the problems always seemed much much worse since overall the air is drier (less humid) during these seasons. The dry eyes also compounded my night vision issue making that worse. So I started thinking that maybe, while driving, I should try to shield my eyes so that when i have the heater on, especially the defroster, it won't continually blow in my eyes and dry them out.

Well, some google searching later, I came across the notion of amber driving glasses which I have to be honest, I found to be a bit hokie of an idea. I just figured it would make my world darker. Plus they are incredibly nerdy looking.

Ambervision Sunglasses

The idea intrigued me tho, so I decided to read some more about them. I found almost nothing good out there but I did find this from an eye doctor:
Laramy-K Optical Lab - The Dangers of Night Driving Glasses

So I bought into what that link said and set the entire idea aside for a few weeks because the notion that it made certain things much harder to see due to the tint is something I bought in to.

Well, since the problem didn't go away, and I was getting desperate some weeks later, I again started looking into it because I thought ot myself you can't always believe everything on the Internet someone puts out there, especially since the potential exists for there to be an agenda when an eye lab says don't buy off the shelf glasses. So again, I searched.

On ebay, I found a guy who sells particularly cool, yellow tinted, not amber, driving glasses and since the price was right, I said, what the heck, it's only like $11 I might be wasting so I bought a pair from his ebay store The Place for Yellow Glasses

Well, I've been wearing the glasses almost a week now and I'm just a seriously HUGE fan. They really do make night driving easier as they pop contrast by blocking blue wavelengths and my dry eye is much much more managable since they almost fully shield my eyes from the car's heater blowing hot air throughout the compartment.

Overall, I can only speak for myself for these but I'll never stop wearing night driving glasses now. If you have the problems with your eyes like I have, maybe you'll want to try it too.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

State of Fear

Other than the afterword, I just finished Michael Chricton's State of Fear at lunch today.  Talk about an eye opener of a book, it really blew away so many things that I just sort of took for granted, it helped me to feel good about some things that I had been truly skeptical of and all at the same time it was a rousing work of Fiction based on lots of solid science. 
Much of the premise of the book is centered upon debunking the notion of Global Warming and in its turn it does that and also takes on many establishment and institutional issues of crime, media, corporations, private charities and does a fair job of giving the reader some interesting things to consider about what information we get exposed to in our daily lives, why we get exposed to it, where it comes from and perhaps who benefits from the State of Fear that these forces can combine to create in a nation's population.
Now certainly this is dramticized since it's in a work of fiction but the book comes loaded down with citation after citation of the arguments, pro and con and its just a real facination, gripping action-filled Chricton novel.
I really enjoyed it.