Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Question Askers, Question Answerers

Question Askers, Question Answerers.  That is one of the simplistic ways in which the world can be broken down.  Maybe another way of expressing it would be:  Active Thinkers, Lazy Thinkers or being smart vs. being dumb.
Anyway, I find that I'm one of these people who simple exists to figure out and provide the answers to other people's questions.  I also find that when I have questions I will generally do my damndest to seek my answers on my own before asking my question of someone else since inevitably I find that others don't answer my questions well and I just end up again seeking my own answers.  Maybe that person I asked provided a small clue or piece of the puzzle but I hardly ever experience someone who provides me with the clarity I seek.
What i find in this, however, is there is a certain tyranny to the process.  Once a question answerer, always a question answerer to the point where the question asker becomes a lazier and lazier thinker.  The question I have had trouble answering for myself is, short of being a total dick, how do I steer the askers back to thinking for themselves and answering their own questions.  It's something I continue to ponder as I seek clarity and enlightenment.