Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1701 - Master and and Commander

Ug, I'm so addicted to my new game 1701.  It's a SIM/Strategery game and it's soaking up like 70-80% of my free time lately.  Every free moment on working setting up trade routes, building cities and preparing for war against other cultures.  I've probably logged somewhere near 50-60 hours on the game now and I've finally raised my civilization up to it's final level and begun a blockade of the island of the last culture I have left to defeat.  Blockade is where it's at, as it's easy to take down an opponent by starving them out and then landing a few powerful units on their land to tip em all the way gone.  However the hardest part of the game is keeping your trade routes optimized so your civilization doesn't run out of needed goods.  You're only allowed 20 routes but your towns need dozens of different types of goods.  Now that I'm almost the only player left, it's just left to me to build my civilization up so much that I can declare my independence from the Queen and defeat her armada and army.  It'll take a lot of supplies and such but I think I know what I need to do.
Ok, beyond that level of geekdown, I'm also addicted to the Aubrey-Maturin series of books and I'm now starting Book 4.  The movie Master and Commander was based on this series and it's great reading and storytelling and just enjoyable.  There are something like 21 books too so I'll be in books for awhile which is something I like.