Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Walking Out the Pain

Well, after two weeks of sciatica, poor sleeping, general uncomfortableness, pain while driving, etc. etc. i hit on something a few nights ago and it's the most basic of things but it has provided more relief than all the Advil and Tylenol and rest combined: Walking on the treadmill for 1/2 hour every night.
Now, in truth, I should have been doing this anyway but there is nothing like pain as a motivator and while the stiffness and ache isn't gone yet from the leg, the walking warms up the entire area and really gets things feeling good and it really feels like it's healing now.  Thank god as I wouldn't wish this kind of thing on anyone.
Meanwhile back in life world, it's time to start figuring out the house situation and getting that just done.  It's dragged on too long now and housing market slump or not, we have to get going on it.  Prices have dropped and that's good but now I have to find out what may have changed in a few months in regards to obtaining a mortgage.  It's been some time since I talked with my banker so I should probably find out and feel out how the climate has changed.  Mainly on not worried as we fall into the "Excellent" credit designation although I do wish we had some more savings to draw upon but we're debt free too so it's all basically good.
The Navy game and tailgate were a great time and I have pictures I pulled off my phone which I have to put... someplace.  But overall an excellent day with beautiful weather and good times with great friends.  Hopefully Norfolk State this weekend is more of the same.
Go Yanks! Go A-Rod!  Boston must be crapping their pants.  Yes, time is drawing short and this series this weekend looms huge. 5 games back because the Devil Rays couldn't hold onto a gazillion run lead last night. 
OMG, it's almost hockey season.  I was sad to read Jimmy Dowd wouldn't be back this year and that he might land with (gasp!) the Flyers.  No Rasmussen either. What a different team it will be with Gomez gone to the Rangers and Rafalski playing for the Red Wings now.  I'm not at all up to speed with who might be playing where with the Devils anymore.
Started reading a book called Pride of Carthage about Hannibal marching over the Alps to attack Rome.  It's a novel, not a history and so far it's only eh but it was a $5 hardcover on the cheap stacks at B&N so I can't complain that much.  It has potential at least.

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