Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sciatica and other lint

Sciatica sucks, there is no doubt about it.  It makes living miserable but at least the pain is lessening a little bit every day and actually being at work is probably the best thing for me as I've been reading that bed rest is the very worst thing you can do for it.  Oh, well... yes, it's a tough trade-off, not working and being in pain or working and having much much less pain. 
That said, the one thing I've noticed through all this is that where pain killers like Advil and Tylenol fail, Coffee steps up.  Yes, it's the weirdest thing but I kid you not.  I have a cup of Joe, sit at the computer in the morning and all my pain just vaporizes away.  Just crazy talk but true.  My theory, since I have a theory about most things, is that coffee slightly raises my BP and heartrate leading to an increased level of circulation through the afflicted area (even though it's also constricting blood vessels, I know, it's a theory after all, not fact and I'm just trying to find hope here, people). 
Anyway, my biggest concern is that it subsides by Friday since sitting on those bleacher benches for Navy my be extrodinarily painful otherwise.  I think it will.  I'm hopeful. ;)  Plus there is the booze factor to consider on friday night.  Me thinks it will all be A-OK.
September 19th is "Talk like a Pirate Day!" YAAARRRRRRR!
Oh, and my wife will be making a special guest star cameo appearance Friday night, which is exciting.  I didn't think she'd ever come to another game unless somehow RU got the Giants on the schedule or Bon Jovi was singing the National Anthem.  See what winning football can do?  That's PROOF POSITIVE!  And on top of that, Friday is our 4th wedding anniversary.  Ain't she the best letting me do football on our wedding anniversary?  And she got me a new RU flag to display as well!  SHE RULES!!  SHE RULES!!
Ok, final thought:  Hey NYY, WTF?  You only win when I'm in media blackout?  Ug.

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